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Featured news about the Euro Challenge competition

2013 Euro Challenge Competition Registration

November 9th, 2012

Click HERE to Register for Euro Challenge 2013!

Register now to participate in the 2013 Euro Challenge Competition! We have updated all the resources for participating teams, including country profiles and sheets on the ten economic challenges and the current economic situation in the euro area. This year, we are also introducing a new challenge: Banking sector weaknesses. As a pressing issue in some euro area countries, it is an exciting new challenge for your students to consider selecting!

This year, we are delighted to continue our expansion of the Euro Challenge across the country. You can look forward to an exciting competition this year, so start preparing — the final rounds of the competition will take place on April 12, 2013 at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. We look forward to seeing you all at the competition events and interacting with you on the Forum, our Facebook page and via Twitter.

Teachers, sign up sooner rather than later to participate in this year’s Euro Challenge. The deadline to register is coming up, as are a number of orientation events. We are introducing new training features for you this year, including three faculty webinars and additional online resources to prepare your students for the Euro Challenge. Look out for announcements about the webinars, as well as plans and dates for orientations in your regions.

Students, start looking forward to the competition events and preparations! There is so much information about the euro area in the news, keep checking our Delicious and Facebook pages and Twitter feed for interesting links we share! We ask returning students and alumni to act as ambassadors for the program and spread the word about the competition to friends in your school and other schools. Good luck and enjoy!

Videos of Top 3 Teams Presenting in New York

July 5th, 2012

Watch our Vimeo channel to see the top three teams give their presentations at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York!

Students from Montclair High School (Montclair, NJ) placed third in the 2012 Euro Challenge competition and presented on Coping with a Housing Market Slowdown in the case of Ireland. Click here for the video of the third place presentation.

Students from Hunter College High School (New York, NY) placed second in the 2012 Euro Challenge competition. They presented on the topic of Living with a Single Monetary Policy in the case of Greece. Click here for the video of the runner up presentation.

Students from Ridgefield High School, CT, presented on Slow Growth in Italy and were the winners of the 2012 Euro Challenge Competition. Congratulations again! Click here for the video of the winning presentation.

Euro Challenge 2012 Winning Teams

May 1st, 2012

Finally, the Euro Challenge competition for 2012 has a winner!

Five teams made it to the final round to determine this year’s winning team:
Ridgefield High School from Connecticut!

Runner-up was Hunter College High School (NY), 3rd place went to Montclair High school (NJ), 4th place to The Delbarton School (NJ) and 5th place to North Allegheny Intermediate High School (PA).

Congratulations to all teams!