Learn More About the Euro Challenge

Learn More About the Euro Challenge


The Euro Challenge is an educational competition designed to to introduce high school students to the European Union and the global economy. Teams of three to five students prepare a presentation that describes the current economic environment in the Euro Area and then addresses a particular economic challenge (like, for example, the problem of high unemployment) by explaining how this problem affects one particular EU country and making policy recommendations to solve the problem. Winning teams receive monetary prizes and a trip to Washington DC to give their presentations at the embassy of the country they have chosen.


Students begin by reviewing the orientation materials provided on this website and by participating in meetings and on-line seminars set up by our regional coordinators. Students are introduced to basic economic concepts; given a brief history of the European Union and the introduction of the single currency; and then learn about how Europe has responded to the recent global economic crisis.

Then students pick one of ten economic challenge to tackle in their presentations and a specific Euro Area country that illustrates this challenge. As the Euro Area is a diverse group of 19 countries with different strengths and weaknesses, our challenge sheets and country profiles help students find a country that is dealing with the particular economic challenge they want to explore.

At this stage, students begin their own independent research. We provide some links to help them get started, but students are expected to consult many different sources – from newspapers and magazines to official institutions like the European Commission, Eurostat, and the European Central Bank – to gather information and craft their presentations.


The Euro Challenge is currently celebrating its tenth anniversary. Each year, over 100 schools from all over the country take part in the competition. The program fosters economic and financial literacy, helps develop important critical thinking and communications skills and supports local learning standards related to global studies and economics. If you’re ready to sign up, you can register for the Euro Challenge here and start preparing today!

To find out more, watch this video that explains how the competition works and shows students form previous competitions in action.

The Euro Challenge from Euro Challenge on Vimeo.

Find out more about the Euro Challenge program, the prizes, and how to compete in your region. Read articles, watch videos, and access other competition resources. Join the Google+ group and chat with other students, teachers and experts.