The resource pages contain a host of information that will help you prepare for the Euro Challenge competition – the challenges and the countries, the current economic situation, current and past orientations materials, and useful links to other websites that might help you for a successful Euro Challenge.


Challenge Sheets and Country Profiles

The Challenge Sheets describe the ten economic challenges students can choose from as they are preparing their presentations. The country profiles provide a broad overview of the histories and economies of every country in the Euro Area (that is, the countries in the European Union that have joined the single currency). The Euro Area includes a diverse array of countries with different strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to choose a country that really illustrates the economic challenge you want to address in your presentation.

Orientations materials

Here you will find all the orientation materials you need to get started. We have created a number of presentations that clearly explain how the competition works; the key economic concepts you will be discussing in the Euro Challenge; a brief history of the European Union and the introduction of the single currency; and an overview of Europe has dealt with the recent economic crisis and the current state of affairs. These materials will provide a good jumping off point as you begin to conduct your own research.

Useful links

This list of links will help point you in the right direction as you begin to gather information on your own.

Alumni Profiles 

Learn more about some of our recent alumni.

 Be sure to join the Euro Challenge Google+ Community to help prepare for the competition. You can ask questions and browse responses; meet students and faculty advisors from schools across the US; find the latest competition news; and get updates on the EU economy, euro zone countries, and more. google-plus-one-logo-+1-button
Our videos are available on vimeo.  Find presentations of last year’s winning teams, teacher’s testimonies, and substantive videos on the European Union, EMU and the role of the ECB. Visit us on vimeo!