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...Euro Challenge was an opportunity unlike any I’ve experienced thus far in high school. For the first time, hours of research, writing, and presentation were guided by the interests of my peers and I instead of a constraining classroom assignment.
The competition taught me so much more than I could ever have learned in a text taught me the value of hard work, collaboration, and how to think about a problem for which there is no prescribed answer. I have never been so satisfied in anything else I have done and I know I will carry these lessons with me throughout my life.
Euro Challenge shaped who I am today: my worldviews and my aspirations for future career paths. It showed me not only the value of deliberative and thoughtful policymaking...but also informed my understanding and appreciation of the European Union .

Teacher Testimonials

As I enter the tenth year of coaching a Euro Challenge team, I am thrilled once again to be part of such an amazingly rich educational experience. Many thanks to the Delegation of the European Union for providing this unique opportunity to American high school students and their teachers!
— Kathleen Brennan, Teacher, Mount Saint Mary Academy
Thank you for creating such a wonderful program for sophomores. It was a pleasure to participate this year. The teams were exceptional and it was an honor for my students to be among them.
— Theresa Fischer, Teacher, Ridgefield HS

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